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Course Fees and Enrolment Formulas

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The entrolment fee for the DAES 2014/2015 amounts to € 5,000.00. The enrolment fee covers tuition including participation in the study programme as indicated in the programme (including three language courses), in conferences, study seminars, visits to companies, etc. (see the are VII of the study programmes), material in electronic version, ecc.

The above mentioned fee does not cover board and lodging.

Participation in possible study trips (if carried out) may involve contribution by the student with a participation fee. 

The College shall provide a list of flats to find a suitable place to stay. Morevover, the College shall provide indications on restaurant services with specific agreements set up by the College. 

Enrolment in the Master’s Degrees connected with DAES may involve payment of modest fees to the relevant university. See the relevant page or contact the DAES Secretariat for further information.


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