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Living in Parma

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The city of Parma is an ideal place for studying and having a good time in an enjoyable environment, rich in culture and history. Considered one of the most enjoyable cities in Italy and Europe, Parma is characterized by its hospitality and functionality.

The city, known worldwide for the excellence of its food products (Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, etc) and cuisine, can boost high quality of life, with a large variety of cultural events, sports and leisure activities, such as opera, theatre, concerts, cinemas, museums and important art exhibitions, as well as international antique fairs, various sports (soccer, rugby, football and baseball to mention but a few), etc.

Bike sharing

Bikes can be rented through  the “Punto Bici Bike Sharing” service, an innovative automatic system. If you reach the city by bus, train or car, you may thus use a bike to easily move through the city. Eleven bike distribution points are located in different areas of Parma, where bikes may be rented using specific electronic cards.


Sports activities

Thanks to a special agreement with the University Sports Centre (C.U.S. - Centro Universitario Sportivo), College students can access sports courses and equipment (tennis and football fields, swimming pools, etc.) that are made available to the university students and the Campus and in other area of the City.


College students can access the libraries of the City of Parma. Most of the City libraries are located nearby the Foundation headquarters. Among these, the Municipal Library that holds 63,000 volumes and boasts a fully supplied national and international newspaper and periodical library. For research and study activities College students can access the library of the Faculty of Economics located nearby the Foundation headquarters.

Opera Houses, Theatres and Concerts

The City of Parma is famous for its passion for opera and classic music as well as for numerous theatrical performances. The theatres of the City offer plays and concerts throughout the year with discounts for students.

Leisure activities in Parma

The large number of university students in the City facilitate a pleasant and fun social life. The leisure activities are several and extremely variegated. The historical city centre is particularly active in the evenings, when students and citizens meet for an aperitif or a dinner. During spring and summer when the weather in milder, restaurant tables are located outside the premises and become what has been defined as the "Movida" in Parma. The famous food and wine culture of this City renders gatherings a "delicious and pleasant" moment. There are several wine bars, trattorias, pizzerias, pubs and cafés that can be easily reached on foot or by bike.

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