Selections and Admissions 

Admission to DAES is subject to selection of applications.

Applications for DAES 2020/2021 can be submitted until 20 July 2020.

The DAES 2020/2021 Application Dossier consists of:


The application form must be filled in and signed wherever requested in it.


Annex A: Copy of University Degree certificate, detailing exams taken and relevant marks. Please enclose copy of the “Diploma Supplement” if available;

Annex B: Curriculum vitae (preferably Europass CV format);

Annex C: Copy of passport or identity card.

The Application Dossier (including relevant annexes) must be submitted electronically by e-mail to:

Unless expressly authorised by the Secretariat, please attach only one file (comprising the whole scanned form and annexes). Applicants are kindly invited to try to avoid submitting attachments over  5 Megabytes. Should problems arise upon submission, please contact the Secretariat by sending an email to .

Feel free to contact the Secretariat for any clarifications on how to fill in the forms or to submit the documents.

Applications are assessed by a Selection Committee on the basis of the qualifications presented by each applicant.

The Committee reserves the right to invite applicants to interviews, which can be held via video-call or by telephone.

The European College of Parma Foundation reserves the right to admit its candidates to the DAES course.