Selections and Admissions 

Admission to DAES is subject to selection of applications.

News: Applications for DAES 2019/2020 can be submitted until 2 September 2019.

The DAES 2019/2020 Application Dossier consists of:


The application form must be filled in and signed wherever requested in it.


Annex A: Curriculum vitae (Europass CV format);

Annex B: Copy of the University diploma certificate, detailing exams taken and relevant marks. Please enclose copy of the “Diploma Supplement” if available;

Annex C: Motivation letter (500 words approx.);

Annex DEF: Certificate(s) attesting language skills, if available;

Annex G: If available, a reference letter from University professors or representatives of companies or organisations. Reference letters may be accepted also in the form of emails provided that they are sent from the institutional mailbox and report the contact details of the referee (name, title, organisation, phone number);

Annex H: Photocopy of passport or identity card.

The Application Dossier (including relevant annexes) must be submitted electronically by e-mail to:

Unless expressly authorised by the Secretariat, please attach only one file (comprising the whole scanned form and annexes). Applicants are kindly invited to try to avoid submitting attachments over  4 Megabytes. Should problems arise upon submission, please contact the Secretariat (phone +39 0521 207525 – or, upon appointment, via Skype).

Feel free to contact the Secretariat for any clarifications on how to fill in the forms or to submit the documents.

Applications are assessed by a Selection Committee on the basis of the qualifications presented by each applicant.

The Committee reserves the right to invite applicants to interviews, which can be held by telephone, Skype or in person.

The European College of Parma Foundation reserves the right to admit its candidates to the DAES course 2019/2020.

Enrolment Fees

The enrolment fee for DAES 2019/2020 amounts to € 5,000.00.

The enrolment fee covers tuition, and includes: attendance at courses as specified in the study programme (including language courses provided by the College and included in the academic programme), participation in conferences and workshops, study visits to institutions and companies, study material in electronic version, tutoring.

The above-mentioned fee does not include accommodation and meals. NOTE: Participation in possible study trips (if carried out) may involve contribution by the student with a participation fee to cover for lodging and travel costs.

Enrolment in the  Master’s Degrees connected with the DAES may involve payment of modest fees to the relevant university.