A.A. 2013/2014 – Macedonian Nationality

Project Management and Communication Consultant at University of Parma

“The philosophy behind the DASE programme at the European College is to provide the participants with a unique blend of knowledge, skills, networking and opportunity. Courses are carried out by high-profile lecturers in a multilingual, multicultural environment; the lessons are focused on thorough, yet concise, applicable and practical knowledge, and the atmosphere is typically very welcoming and immediate. For younger students, the College is an excellent stepping-stone into the professional world. For the more experienced ones like myself, it is a prestigious piece in the puzzle that opens many opportunities in both the public and the corporate sector, as it did for me. The experience is designed to push your limits academically and intellectually; it will remain however, both personally and professionally, one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could ever ask for.”