Basic requirements for possible admission to the Diploma in Advanced European Studies (DAES) are listed below.

  1. University degree
    Applicants must hold a university degree (at least a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree).
    In the event of profiles obtaining the same general assessment during the selection process, applicants holding a “3+2" year university degree (or equivalent) shall generally be preferred.
    Applications by undergraduates may be accepted upon condition that the applicant obtains his/her final university degree no later than the month of November.
  2. Academic background
    As the DAES programme deals with issues relating to legal, economic and socio-political sectors, its main target group are graduates holding university degrees in the following areas of study:

    • a) European Studies, Political Sciences, International Relations;
    • b) Law;
    • c) Economics.

    However, in consideration of the interdisciplinary nature of the programme, graduates coming from other university backgrounds are also eligible for admission, namely: journalism and communication studiescultural mediation studies, language and/or translation studies; humanities (history, philosophy, etc.), management engineering.
    The European College of Parma Foundation reserves the right to individually assess possible cases of applicants with profiles other than those listed above.

  3. Language requirements
    DAES working languages are EnglishFrench and Italian. Prospective applicants shall be able to demostrate at least B1 competences in English (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), as well as at least basic knowledge of either Italian or French.
    Applicants may be interviewed by telephone or via Skype so as to ascertain their level of competence in languages.
    Should an applicant be unable to demonstrate at least B1 English skills upon submission of application, he/she shall undertake to reach that level before start of DAES programme in October.

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