To supplement the higher education activities of the DAES programme, the European College of Parma Foundation selects and organises traineeships for its graduates within national public offices and representation offices at the European level, as well as within national and European associations and companies (internships promoted by the European College of Parma Foundation).

Thanks to specific internship agreements, College internships aim at providing DAES students with a practical application of the skills achieved during the academic year and allow to get in contact with the professional world.

In addition, the Foundation provides DAES graduates with all the required assistance in searching internships at European institutions and International organisations.

In order to help students explore these internship opportunities, at the end of the DAES study programme, the European College of Parma Foundation offers to its students tools and assistance to plan the first steps of the students’ professional career and a rapid inclusion in the labour market.

Throughout the years, DAES graduates have constantly reported on successful experiences achieved in the labour market thanks to the multidisciplinary training provided by the College and to its study programme, which includes the most important EU-related issues. A great number of graduates have found jobs in institutions, organisations, representation offices, professional associations, legal offices, etc. Many graduates have also succeeded in competitions run by the European Commission.


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