The Foundation promotes internships within organizations as well as within companies at local, national and European levels.

Internships are aimed at providing hands-on experience and are a significant step towards the labour field.

Through internships, DAES students can become precious human resources for European and international sectors. Internships of the European College of Parma Foundation are carried out thanks to the operational support provided by the Employment Office of the Province of Parma.

Internship opportunities provided by the European College of Parma Foundation have included so far, among others:

Internships at Italian level:

Agricultural Consortium of Parma

A.N.I.A. (National Association among Insurance Companies), Rome / Milan

Chamber of Commerce of Milan – EuroInfoCenter

Chamber of Commerce of Parma

Chamber of Commerce of Parma Parmalimentare (Food Promotion Association)

Cassa di Risparmio di Parma e Piacenza, Parma

Experimental Station of Food Preserves, Parma

I.A.I. (Istitute for International Affairs), Rome

Municipality of Parma  Europe Project Office

Parma Entrepreneurs’ Association, Parma

Province of Parma Europe Office

Regione Emilia-RomagnaLegislative Assembly, Bologna

T.E.C.L.A. (Association for Local and European Transnational Cooperation), Roma

UniCredit Bank, Bologna

Internships at European level:

A.N.C.I. – Ufficio Ideali, Brussels

Bonelli-Erede-Pappalardo – Legal Office, Brussels

E.D.U.S.E.R. – Brussels Education Service, Brussels

E.R.R.I.N. (European Regions Research and Innovation Network), Brussels

Euro Jura Consulting – Legal Office, Brussels

Regione Campania – Representation Office, Brussels

Regione Emilia-Romagna – Representation Office, Brussels

Regione Sardegna – Representation Office, Brussels

Stockholm Region – Representation Office, Brussels

T.E.C.L.A. (Association for Local and European Transnational Cooperation), Brussels

T.E.S.E.O. (Technical Support for European Organisations), Brussels

Valencia Europa Foundation, Valencia / Brussels

XCOM (Cross Communication Network), Brussels

Yorkshire & Humber Region – Representation Office, Brussels