Lorenc Gordani

Alumni A.A. 2013/2014 - Albanian Nationality

Professor of European Union Law & Project Director of ACERC

"The overall areas of expertise covered by the academic didactics, the applied practises and expertise’s in the European College of Parma given me the fully confidentiality for a successful following of the professional career. My following activities were focus on the Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation - ACERC. An experience followed with the engagement as professor of the European Union Law, as well as the Direction of the Department for the Scientific Research at the University Justicia, Tirana. As well as the following with the research program on European studies at the LUISS School of Government, has given the possibility to participate in several international high level conference presenting my research on the topic “The growth of pipeline project in the WBs and the challenge to bridge the gap of the investment” by the scientific supervision of Prof. Helmut Schmitt von Sydow."