Photo Shemsedin

Shemsedin Aliu

DAES 2006/2007 - Kosovar Nationality 

"The European College of Parma multidisciplinary programme, the influence and support of its academic staff and the exposure to the diverse group of students has helped many of College alumni to successfully pursue their career goals in various sectors and institutions. To me, this study programme has been instrumental in acquiring a diverse professional experience stretched in several countries such as in Kosovo, Belgium, Somalia and Albania, focusing on development, rule of law and democracy as well as on the protection of human rights.

After the completion of my studies at the European College of Parma, the European Commission had offered me a traineeship at the DG External Relations in Brussels. I consider the academic experience at the European College combined with the EC traineeship as the starting point for my career since they truly were unique opportunities for both an academic achievement but also for networking with students, notable academics and professionals, many of them being EC officials or those who at some point joined EU institutions; EC, EEAS, think tanks, EU programmes or EU Delegations in the Western Balkan countries.

Shortly after my completion of the EC traineeship, I was able to join an EU funded project in Kosovo in order to continue making a career as a programme specialist, focusing mainly on managing and supporting implementation of many EU funded programmes in various institutions, such as in the European Union Office, Council of Europe and in the United Nations. Currently I work for UNICEF Office in Albania.

I remain an avid student of EU Affairs being quite versed with developments in the Western Balkan countries, which altogether pursue an EU accession path and a reform agenda focused among others on the development of a human capital as a prerequisite for creating more jobs and more just and inclusive societies in the six prospective EU Member States."