The Food Valley

The Food Valley

Three itineraries in line with tradition and taste in a territory famous for its gastronomy worldwide and that thanks to this tradition hosts the European Food Safety Authority (E.F.S.A.).

Study visit to EFSA premises, Parma - Italy


The typical products are enhanced also through three Museums of Food:

1. The Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, located in Soragna (in the lowlands of Parma);parmigiano

2. The Museum of Parma Ham and Delicatessen Products, located in Langhirano in the hilly areas suitable for ageing;


3. The Museum of Salami, dedicated to the most famous Italian salami and located in the ancient Castle of Felino.


The Italian and Parmesan gastronomy is furthermore celebrated and enhanced through the International School of Cuisine in Colorno (A.L.M.A.).

The rich gastronomic selection of the province of Parma has been further enhanced with the creation of three Routes of Wines and Flavours of Parma. These three wine&food itineraries are frequently visited by tourists and are characterised by agricultural products and high-quality traditional products. The itineraries are located within attractive historical and artistic landscapes that blend together as unique. These itineraries show the production areas and provide information to visit producers and restaurants that offer dishes based on typical products.

The Culatello of Zibello Itinerary that stretches over the lowlands, guarantees the king of all delicatessen meats and invites to enjoy Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese and other typical local products combined with Fortana del Taro wine.

The hilly area, instead is made up of the Routes of Parma Ham and Wines from the Hilly Area but it is also the area of black truffles from Fragno, an extremely refined type of truffle that comes from this specific area.

The Taro Valley is crossed by the Itinerary of Porcini Mushrooms from Borgotaro, another product that is internationally renown within the gastronomic variety of Parma and is worth being considered the best for its taste and aroma. Typical products are thus ‘a gateway’ to the territory of Parma: between a tasting and a walk through the cheese factories, ageing cellars, farms and wineries, it will be easy to be tempted by a cultural tour through the wide range of alleys, castles, abbeys and churches throughout the territory.