Food Valley

Parma is a “student-friendly” city, in which there is the opporunity to combine study, culture, and entertainment.

The huge number of university students in Parma enables social life to be pleasant and stimulating, with many, and varied opportunities for enjoyment.

Moreover, an air of tradition and, at the same time, innovation spreads everywhere in the city.

Art, music, theaters and monuments dominate the wonderful Parma, which also awarded the title of “Italian Capital of Culture 2020/2021.

In addition, a deep European feeling shines throughout the city, both for cultural, and institutional reasons.

Indeed, since 2004, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has been based here.

Specifically, the close link between the agribusiness tradition, and the entrepreneurial spirit, which represent Parma and its inhabitants, make the city fall within the so-called “Food Valley,” the land of cured meats and cheese, to which Reggio Emilia and Modena also belong.

Actually, the territorial structure of the province of Parma, characterized by residential areas, hills and Apennines, allows the production of multiple food products, typical of the Italian culinary culture, and renowned even beyond national borders.

Furthermore, the city is also recognized as an excellence in highly specialized industry.

All these features, known everywhere, provide outstanding job opportunities in several enterprises, which operate not only at the European level, but also on a global scale.

Last, but not least, the city of Parma has a strategic location with respect to Milano and Bologna airports.

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