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European College of Parma Foundation

The European College was founded in 1988 as a Consortium thanks to the Department of Law of the University of Parma. On 1 July 2004 it was turned into the European College of Parma Foundation.

Today, the European College of Parma Foundation is a post-graduate institute specialised in Higher European Studies and with the aim of preparing young graduates from all over the world in the fields of law, economics and policies of the European Union.

The educational path in Higher European Studies boasts a teaching body made up of senior managers of European and national institutions, university professors and experts in European issues.

In addition to the post-graduate study programme, aimed at obtaining the Diploma and Master’s programme in Higher European Studies (DASE), the European College of Parma Foundation has also promoted customised training courses in law, economics and European policies for local authorities (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, etc.), for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) based in Parma, as well as specialisation courses in Euro-planning, specific seminars on European programmes, workshops and training and information activities on European issues.


Cesare Azzali
Giancarlo Menta, Stefano Manservisi, Irene Rizzoli, Paolo Martelli, Andrea Zanlari, Simone Baglioni
Members of the Board of Directors
Corrado Zanichelli, Pier Luigi Marchini, Marco Ziliotti
Board of Auditors


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