The higher education of the European College of Parma Foundation is geared to providing an in-depth interdisciplinary and multi-cultural study programme on the process of European integration.

Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the delicate process of European integration and learning to live and work in international contexts are among the main targets of the Foundation through the Diploma and University Master in Advanced European Studies. The educational programme prepares students for careers in EU, national and local institutions, professional associations, the corporate world and private practice.

The study programme of the European College of Parma Foundation covers one academic year and is divided into two phases.

The first phase includes teaching activities over two semesters (October to January, and February to June). Exams take place in the months of January and June. Students who successfully pass such exams obtain a first qualification: the Diploma in Advanced European Studies (DAES).

The second phase starts in July, after second semester exams. DAES graduates have the possibility to achieve a second qualification, University Master’s Degree in Advanced European Studies, by writing a dissertation on a European issue related to one course or seminar of the DAES programme under the supervision of one of the professors of the College. The dissertation must be discussed within a date specified on a yearly basis.

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General Structure


Corsi intensivi di lingua (Inglese, Francese, Italiano) – Corsi introduttivi (Macroeconomia, Diritto, Teoria politica)


Storia dell’integrazione europea – Istituzioni dell’UE – Ordinamento giuridico europeo


Mercato unico europeo ed economia dell’integrazione – Diritto europeo della concorrenza




Politica monetaria e governance economica dell’UE – Finanze dell’UE, politica della ricerca e progettazione


Viaggio studio a Bruxelles – Settori regolati, energia, trasporti, tecnologia


Sicurezza alimentare, salute e ambiente – Azione esterna dell’Unione e immigrazione


Workshop/ project work/ preparazione della tesi – ESAMI DEL SECONDO SEMESTRE