DES online


Quality, flexibility and affordability: the first online course for the achievement of the "European Studies Diploma" of the European College of Parma offers students an in-depth knowledge of the decision-making mechanisms and policies of the European Union.

The course is held in English. Students attending the full study programme (8 modules) and taking the related exams obtain the "Diploma in European Studies online".

Modules can also be attended separately (single module fees will then apply). 


The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, bachelor's or master's degrees, interested in "discovering" Europe. 

A minimum B1 level of English is required.



January – June 2024



The course includes lectures, seminars and exercises. 

Teaching activities take place mainly from Monday to Friday in synchronous mode, with the possibility of interacting with the teachers, in live streaming from the classroom, and with the students of the Diploma/Master in Advanced European Studies.

Some lectures may also be held on Saturdays. 

Exercises and, in general, practical activities related to the DSE Online course will be followed by a Tutor.  


The DSE Online ecompasses 8 modules, each of which includes different courses and seminars: 

- History, Politics and Institutions of the European Union 

- EU legal system and law 

- Policies that shaped Europe 

- EU Economy and governance  

- EU external action 

- Strategic sectors, financing and planning 

- Green and digital transition, health and safety 

- European Careers Workshop 

Each of the modules above can be attended separately. In this case, individual module fees will be applied; relevant attendance certificates will be issued.


DSE-online students who wish to participate in person in the study visits organised by the European College may request to do so upon payment of a registration fee that will be set from time to time, depending on the activity.  


In order to obtain the final certificate "Diploma of European Studies online", the student must attend at least 80% of the courses included in the attached educational program. Attendance will therefore be recorded. Attendance at online courses must be carried out with the camera on. If the camera is kept off for more than 15 minutes (for each hour of activity), the Student will be marked as absent.   


In order to obtain the final certificate "Diploma of European Studies online", students will take 8 exams and submit a written paper. Admission to the exams is subject to attendance for at least 80% of the courses included in the specific program. 


"DSE online" Tuition Fee amounts to € 2,000. 

Attendance of one or more individual modules is possible (single module fees apply, depending on the module).